Creative Audit Solutions to Reduce your Supply Chain Costs

Our team of experts will identify opportunities to reduce your costs, streamline your operations, eliminate errors and optimize your network.  Using a standard methodology we'll assess your supply chain and provide a summary outline on how to implement the changes.

As illustrated below, we review your data, business processes, and invoiced costs, analyze the information and output recommendations.  We will provide a list of projects designed to reduce your costs, mitigate risk, and improve your customer service.  

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Our Process

We start with a free strategy call to understand the needs of your business. During our free strategy call we will discuss approaches that your organization can use to reduce your supply chain costs. At the end of the call you will know how to get started and what actions you can take to reduce your costs.

Our next steps will be to outline the timelines for the project plan. This will cover key activities to complete, when they will be completed, and who will be completing them. This creates accountability within both organizations and will keep the project on track.  

Next we'll set up a facilitated business process review. This includes all of the key stakeholders within your organization and will identify all of the steps within your supply chain. We'll use the business process and planning review as a baseline to compare against key data to ensure alignment with your business and team. We will then prioritize the project plan and create a document to outline the immediate, mid-term and long term opportunities for your organization to significantly save on your supply chain costs.    

Value Added Services

We work with Companies to implement change that reduces operating costs by a minimum of 10%

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