Some of Our Clients

The projects awarded to Triskele Logistics on behalf of H&R Transport have been delivered on time and on budget, with a high level degree of accuracy and higher than expected results for our organization. There is no question that with extensive Supply Chain experience, the Triskele team performs all tasks from data collection through to implementation recommendations, by using very minimal company resources.  Thank you for being a key provider for our organization and we look forward to our next opportunity together.

-Robert Bridges, COO, H&R Transport

I have had a number of opportunities to engage Triskele to carry out directed research in Supply Chain related fields.  For each assignment, I was extremely pleased with the final report which was thoughtful, concise and well written.

-Peter C. Wallis, Former President & CEO, Van Horne Institute

Our experience with Triskele Logistics on both the Supply Chain assessment and research side has been enjoyable, efficient and valuable.  Triskele has opened up a number of doors and offered a number of networking opportunities that will benefit our organization.

-Kris Van Grieken, VP Operations, Telsec Property Group

Triskele Logistics has helped us reduce our inventory, improve our overall cash flow, and optimize our warehouse processes. With their help we have increased efficiencies and eliminated common errors in our supply chain. Their project management techniques have created accountability within our organization and we continue to make progress after our initial engagement with them.

-Stacy Nehring, Owner, UTV Canada

We work with Companies to implement change that reduces operating costs by a minimum of 10%

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