Workplace Inclusion: KPIs & Cost Benefits to Your Supply Chain

The effects of inclusion, once adopted, are far reaching. Not only does it affect the employees of a corporation, but it effects the corporation itself. These effects are constructive, ultimately proving profitable for the business.Inclusion has an effect on specific company key performance indicators—customer service, productivity, employee turnover, and profitability. All of these key performance... Continue Reading

Customer Satisfaction and Profitability: Case Study 1 of 2

Profitability is the cornerstone of a fruitful company.  A business that isn't profitable won't be a business for much longer. Customer satisfaction is directly linked to profitability. You won't be profitable if your customers dislike the business or its products.Inclusion has been proven to increase both of these areas. Studies have shown that organizations who... Continue Reading

Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion in Your Supply Chain

If you let it, inclusion and diversity can play a significant role in your organization, ultimately benefiting your business. Inclusion and diversity aren't new concepts; these great ideas have been globally adopted by companies both big and small.Inclusion is a state of being valued, respected, and supported. It’s about focusing on the needs of every... Continue Reading

How to Avoid Extra Costs with your Rail Shipments

There are many ways to save money on your total spend when moving your products by rail.  Most of these savings are realized by better management of your assets, products and your attentiveness to details with online railway tools.  Below are some key details to help railway customers to save money on contract rates, assessorial... Continue Reading

You’ve optimized your processes, and streamlined your operation. So now what?

Every operational organization that I know is focused on cost savings and efficiency.  They each use different tools, 40X, Lean, Six Sigma, Activity Based Costing (to name a few), route optimization, KPI’s, Scorecards, Metrics.   Sometimes they use more than one or a combination of these tools.  What I’ve found is that they will all get... Continue Reading