Disruptive Technology in Supply Chains and What the Future Holds

As the saying goes, bigger is better, and technology in supply chains is making a splash in the supply chain industry. Supply chains can be riddled with complexity, involving multiple processes to create a product and distribute it to consumers.Supply chains aren't always efficient. Let's be honest; there's always room for improvement, and it's looking... Continue Reading

Effective Process Control When Implementing Cost Reduction Projects

Business projects can be a source of headaches for those in charge of them. They're pulled off exceptionally well, or they crash and burn. If you prepare yourself for the challenges ahead, you can complete the project unscathed, with your sanity intact and still like your colleagues.   Cost reduction projects have numerous variables that need to... Continue Reading

Change Management Strategies for Cost Reduction

Having an efficient supply chain is the key to reducing its cost. Supply chains usually have several forms of waste that can be trimmed down. This waste includes overproduction, defects, inappropriate processing, and unnecessary motion and inventory, among others.Your product may have been incorrectly shipped, having received too much, too little, or damaged material. It... Continue Reading

Productivity and Turnover: Case Study 2 of 2

The productivity of a business determines its success in a competitive market. Productivity is an integral component of a business model. Increased productivity puts more items on shelves, whereas decreased productivity means trouble. Staff turnover is also an important part of the business model.With high employee turnover comes reduced productivity due to training. With inclusion,... Continue Reading

Leadership Behaviour Strategies for Cost Reduction

Cost reduction is huge in business and is a big focus for many. How often have you been told to find ways to reduce spending? See, it happens a lot! Businesses who can cut down their spending can increase their bottom line and profitability.Changes in the economy or marketplace create openings for supply chain innovation,... Continue Reading