How Data Analytics can Transform Your Supply Chain

Data is used by businesses to make strategic decisions regarding their supply chains. Most companies track this crucial data on a spreadsheet, but with supply chains growing in complexity, an evolution in supply chain technology, and huge amounts of data, a simple spreadsheet doesn't cut it anymore.Enterprises can't monitor supply chain cycles with a spreadsheet... Continue Reading

Leaning Towards Lean Leadership: Why it Produces Results

Lean leadership is a managerial style adopted from the Toyota company. Toyota has perfected this style of management, which has since been adopted by other companies because of its success. While Lean leadership is prevalent in the manufacturing industry, it's not limited to it.Lean has been introduced to multiple industries including healthcare, government, banking, and IT.... Continue Reading

Using Artificial Intelligence to Predict and Forecast Distribution and Transportation Demands

Businesses need to effectively predict and forecast to ensure they have enough inventory, among other things. If inventory is limited when demand is high, your business will have lost out on some serious cash.With supply chains becoming more and more complex, it's become harder for planners to predict trends and develop complementary plans. Supply chains... Continue Reading

Artificial Intelligence in the Supply Chain: What is it and How is it Used?

Artificial intelligence—a term used and associated with high-tech, menacing robots. Many individuals still have this concept in mind. While artificial intelligence is still far from that idea, it does sound futuristic like.Driverless forklifts and autonomous vehicles seem like they belong in the future—maybe 20 or 30 years from now. In reality, artificial intelligence is here... Continue Reading

What is IoT? And How can it Improve Your Supply Chain?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is taking the world by storm. It has the potential to shake up multiple industries and create new, more efficient processes. On a municipal level, it can increase the overall safety of the general population and improve the integrity of structures.On a personal note, the IoT can save you money by automatically... Continue Reading