Drone Use for Facility and Last-Mile Optimization

Competition between businesses and within supply chains require companies to explore and adopt innovative technology to strategically enhance their position within the market. Drones are one such technology that can give businesses a competitive edge.Besides competitive forces, companies also face challenges presented by customers and their demands, as well as their own internal processes. Driver... Continue Reading

Impact of IoT on Supply Chains

Impact of IoT on Supply ChainsThe Internet of Things (IoT) has already had a profound impact on supply chain and will continue to do so as adoption increases and new uses are found.IoT involves connecting everyday devices to the internet. This enables large amounts of data to be collected from many places, creating more visibility... Continue Reading

Computer Take the Wheel: Autonomous Vehicles in Canada

Autonomous vehicles present a huge change in the way Canadians work and live, and how Canadian companies conduct their business. This new technology can drastically impact Canadian supply chains for the better, decreasing costs and increasing productivity. Automobiles will soon become smarter, making way for bigger and better processes.The Canadian Stance on Autonomous VehiclesUnlike our... Continue Reading

Transform Your Transportation and Distribution Channels With Paperless Processes

Transportation and distribution industries have been using paper processes for the last several decades. Log books, proof of delivery, bill of ladings, waybills, and equipment repairs are all written down, creating an extensive amount of information that needs to be collected, organized, and stored.Electronic copies are much easier to find and keep track of so... Continue Reading

Future Forecasts: Long-Term Effects of ELDs on Supply Chains

Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) have the opportunity to substantially change supply chain visibilty and connectivity. While needed (and mandated) for compliance, there is a sizeable opportunity related to real-time shipment tracking, pro-active issue management, and the mobility internet.This innovation presents the biggest change to safety and compliance to the industry in the past 50 years. With such... Continue Reading