Renewable Energy as a Competitive Advantage

With energy being one of the core pieces of conducting operations, power creation and consumption are important factors to consider. While oil and gas have traditionally been the most prominent, and will always hold a key part of energy creation, the rise of alternative methods of power creation has created the potential for energy diversification.The rise... Continue Reading

Effectively Manage Your Railcar Assets to Reduce Storage Costs

If you have large volume, a little more time, and a long way to go, railway transportation is still the most effective and viable means of transporting product or materials to its next destination.Like other supply chain channels, railcar transportation needs to be strategically planned to maximize fleet efficiency. If your railcar assets are underutilized,... Continue Reading

Keeping Records Straight: Correct Your Railway Billing Before it Costs You

In a perfect world, railway billing mistakes would never occur. Unfortunately, supply chains are not perfect, well-oiled machines free from blunders. Mistakes based on human error or other issues happen and can cost you money.How to Avoid Extra Railway Billing Costs Shipping products by rail requires shippers to have the most accurate and detailed information possible.  If... Continue Reading

Making Space for Blockchain in Your Supply Chain

From start to finish, supply chains are complex to manage. Consumers are unaware of the processes needed to create and produce the products they desire. If supply chains were transparent, consumers would be able to see where the raw material for the item came from, where it was shipped, what happened to it, etc. Basically, the... Continue Reading

Risky Business: The Reasons for Using Electronic Logging Devices

Every day normal individuals put themselves at risk. Going to work is risky, visiting the grocery store is risky, and running an errand is risky. Why do these ordinary tasks pose a risk? Because they involve vehicles.  Many accidents are attributed to human error. Factor in weather too, and you can see how driving can... Continue Reading