Optimized Inventory Management

Inventory is a great asset and adds value for an organization by meeting customer needs. However, inventory is typically expensive to purchase and maintain and when not managed properly can become costly; decreasing the value-add for an organization. The difficulties (and opportunities!) are even greater when dealing with perishable products as the turnover on these... Continue Reading

New Options for Rail Access in Western Canada

New Options for Rail Access in Western CanadaThe Canadian Transportation Act (CTA) recently made some changes to zone interswitching in the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.  In creating a 5th interswitching zone, the CTA has increased the shipping options for most regions within the prairie provinces.  This new access creates options for shippers that... Continue Reading

Challenges when Growing your Distribution Network

Shippers, Producers and Manufacturers can often experience a major and sudden growth to their distribution network.  New volume, new markets, new customers all create increases in volume that can change your existing distribution network significantly. Adding many customers to your network in a short time frame can lead to the complexity of your operation to increase... Continue Reading

Approaches to Technology and Supply Chain Sustainability

Sustainability is the ability of an organization to ‘optimally continue operations infinitely.’ Sustainability needs to be reviewed on a regular basis to determine and update appropriate actions. Focusing on continuous improvement, while still maintaining long-term goals, will better align an organization for success.How to Define SustainabilityThere is more than one definition for sustainability in business.... Continue Reading

Additive Manufacturing: Increasing Supply Chain Versatility and Resilience

Additive manufacturing, the commercial use of 3D printing, is the process of building a component by depositing material in layers from digital 3D design data. While 3D printing is not a new technology, it is only now with recent technological advances that this technology has become versatile enough to use commercially.The Evolution of Additive ManufacturingPreviously used for creating one-off prototypes, this... Continue Reading