What is a Shared Distribution Strategy?

So what is a Shared Distribution Strategy, and how can it help my organization to overcome Supply Chain Challenges?“A Shared Distribution Strategy, and taking a collaborative approach to your Supply Chain, is an effective way to meet Supply Chain challenges head on.”Working as a small or medium sized enterprise can be very difficult when you... Continue Reading

Increasing Trust with Your Customers – 8 Steps to a Reliable Consistent Operation

Increasing Trust with Your Customers – 8 Steps to a Reliable Consistent OperationReliability is the quality of being trustworthy or of performing consistently well.  Shippers and Manufacturers demand and need consistent, reliable service from their service providers.  It’s a critical component of vendor hiring (and firing) as an unreliable service partner can cost their business... Continue Reading

How Small Changes to Your Supply Chain Can Have a Big Impact on Costs

In many supply chains, small costs can often go unnoticed either because the activity is perceived to have little impact or the impact is not tracked effectively. With supply chains being largely composed of many small repetitive tasks, steps that don’t add value can become very costly to an organization over time.With the vast array... Continue Reading

Shipping Efficiently Through the Port of Prince Rupert

Canada has two major west coast ports that are connected to the North American railway system.  The Port of Vancouver is one of the largest ports in North America with twenty-seven different terminals and move just about everything that can be imported and exported into and out of North America.  The Port of Prince Rupert... Continue Reading

5 Steps to Identifying and Implementing Cost Savings

Improving your supply chain network and reducing your costs is a key target for every business and supply chain professional. But change is difficult and downright impossible when you are managing a dynamic, complex and ever changing world. From Acts of God, to weather, accidents, or other supply chain disruptions, managing your supply chain is... Continue Reading