How IoT in Supply Chain Connects to Mobile Phones

Where would any of our industries be without the technology we have today? As technology use grows and develops, as do our industries, reaping the benefits of others' innovative ideas.As mobile phones took off, their use in the supply chain skyrocketed. Now, we have a second technological wave coming—the internet of things. While both technological... Continue Reading

Product Readiness for International Exports

Product Readiness for International Exports - Read on to find out more.Exporting product internationally can be highly rewarding and profitable.  However, entering new markets can also be challenging from a compliance and logistical perspective.Before we assess the challenges of getting your product ready for export, it is important to understand the opportunities and advantages of... Continue Reading

Achieving Supply Chain Sustainability with Innovative Technology

Sustainability of an organization depends on three things: people, planet, and profit. Each factor needs to be regularly reviewed to determine if an organization is achieving sustainable actions. Focusing on the continuous improvement of sustainability's three factors will better position a business for long-term success.What Does a Sustainable Supply Chain Look Like?As mentioned above, people... Continue Reading

Shifting Mindsets: Thinking of the End to End Supply Chain as a Value Chain

A company's basic, high-level goal is to sell a product to consumers. In order to successfully sell that inventory, consumers need to find some kind of value in it. The more value an organization can create, the more profitable they can become.Therefore, it's critical to understand completely how your business creates value and where more... Continue Reading

Supply Chain Cost Reduction Opportunities

How can you reduce your supply chain costs?  Read on to find out more.Supply Chain costs contribute significantly to your cost of goods sold. Whether you are managing them yourself, or have outsourced the management of your supply chain, it's a really good exercise to understand how it all works. Here's a roadmap you can... Continue Reading